Information about the next Competition edition will be available soon

As Montserrat Caballé said:

My greatest wish is that this becomes the beginning of your professional life.

To win a Competition is important, but in my opinion, the fact of participating in front of a Jury of world-wide prestige, is highly significant for your International career.

I invite you to take part in this event, wishing it will be the launch of your dreams in the Universe of Music.

Montserrat Caballé

Agostina Smimmero
Elena Sancho
Leonor Bonilla
Leonor Bonilla
Levy Sekgapane
Nadine Sierra
Nadine Sierra / Katerina Tretyakova / Mari Wyn Williams / Davinia Rodriguez
Pene Pati
Pretty Yende
Sara Blanch
Kearstin Piper Brown
Pretty Yende
Anaïs Constans / Ruth Iniesta
Sergio Escobar
Yuriy Yurchuk